Nevada to Consider Legalizing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Nevada residents have the advantage of being in a state where the use of medical cannabis is a constitutional right. They’re at a disadvantage if they don’t have a friend or acquaintance to purchase from, as safe access points remain illegal.

Senator Segerblom.

Senator Tick Segerblom, a Democrat from Las Vegas, hopes to change that.

Senator Segerblom announced today that he would be filing legislation that would explicitly legalize medical cannabis dispensaries, giving the thousands of patients in the state an opportunity to legally purchase their medicine, rather than needing to resort to the black-market.

“We’re going to have places you can go with a card where you can legally purchase marijuana…It’ll be a for-profit. It won’t be a co-op. It won’t be run by the government … It’ll be taxed and the revenue will be used to do something good”, stated Senator Segerblom in his announcement speech, which came after a Senate Judiciary meeting.

Segerblom hopes that this law will align Nevada more closely to other medical cannabis states such as Colorado, stating, “Let’s go back and do what we should have done 10 years ago….It’s something that it’s time has come. Colorado has it. Arizona has it. California has it. Oregon has it. Washington State has it. We’re surrounded by it.”

Nevada lawmakers will be considering the measure in the coming weeks.
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