Nevada Senate Approves Bill Legalizing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Nevada’s Senate approved Senate Bill 374 today, a measure to legalize state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in the state.pot_t653 The vote signified overwhelming support for such a move with 17 voting in favor, and only 4 voting in opposition. The measure passed through two Senate committees unanimously in the weeks leading up to the vote.

In the State of Nevada, the possession and usage of medical marijuana is a constitutional right which was approved by voters in 2000. Despite this, safe access points still aren’t legal, leaving most patients to rely on the black market to obtain their medicine.

Senate Bill 374 would fix this by authorizing roughly 60 dispensaries throughout the state – regulations and licensing would be handled by the state’s Health Division.

The measure now heads to the Assembly, where its passage would send it to the governor for final consideration. The Assembly adjourns midnight on Monday, making a speedy approval necessary.


2 thoughts on “Nevada Senate Approves Bill Legalizing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries”

  1. Ok somebody posted a link to this article and a rant about it, not knowing where-of-they-speak. The fact is that we forced the Nevada leg. to accept this Medicinal use, and they forced us to grow our own for 12 years. Now they still want to punish us by giving us commercial sales and taking away the gift of growing our own??? Thanks for nothing! PIN-Heads.
    AS it stands, if passed it will demand we stop growing when a medicinal store opens near by?? and we can not smoke some, at the place of purchase or at any other related business??? Can you imagine that. There is not a co-op or Dispensary that is not proud of their product and will offer free tasting in Oregon, Colorado, Washington, etc OOPS better not mention Cali., except Arizona and that would where our brain dead legislators would go to see a dispensary. What if I got a job in one of them? I’ve got a card, why would I not smoke outside like the Tobacco addicts do?
    Again (a hundred times) You would not buy a pig in a poke, I don’t buy my smoke with out a toke.


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