Nevada Officials Approve Early Marijuana Sales, to Begin as Soon as July 1st

Nevada officials have approved an early start to legal marijuana sales.

The Nevada Tax Commission has given approval to temporary retail marijuana regulations, allowing recreational sales to begin as soon as July 1st. This is according to reporter Patrick Walker, who notes that the rules are “subject to local permits”.

Voters in Nevada approved the legalization of marijuana last year for those 21 and older. The initiative allows for a system of licensed and regulated cannabis retail outlets and cultivation centers; however, these outlets are set to be open until sometime next year. The rules approved by the tax commission allows legal sales to begin much earlier than expected, with the possibility of such sales starting on July 1st.

Once legal sales begin, marijuana outlets will be allowed to sell up to an ounce of cannabis to anyone 21 and older, regardless of whether or not they are a resident of Nevada.

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