Nevada Campaign to Legalize Recreational Cannabis Kicks Off

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Nevada Campaign to Legalize Recreational Cannabis Kicks Off

Advocates in Nevada have announced a new campaign to legalize cannabis possession and sales through an initiative to the state Legislature.littleplant

Petitioners will need to gather upward of 102,000 valid signatures this year to put the initiative before the Legislature in 2015, at which point the state’s lawmakers can choose to approve it or send it to a vote of the people. If lawmakers choose to send the initiative to the ballot, voters in Nevada will have the opportunity to decide whether to approve or reject the initiative in the 2016 presidential election.

The organization backing the effort, the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana, has expressed confidence that the group will gather enough support and donations to be successful. A recent campaign kick off event raised around $150,000 from initial investors.

While organizers are currently still crafting the initiative language, they expect signature gathering to begin within the next 3 months. Those interested in getting involved in the effort can contact organizers by calling (705)-882-4002.

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