Nevada Assembly Committee Passes Measure to Legalize Marijuana Use at Certain Businesses and Events

Nevada legislation to allow on-site marijuana use at certain businesses and events has been passed by a Assembly committee.

The Assembly Committee on Government Affairs gave approval yesterday to Senate Bill 236; the vote comes a few weeks after the measure received approval by the state’s full Senate with a vote of 12 to 9.

Under current Nevada law it’s legal to possess and use marijuana if you’re 21 and older, and licensed marijuana retail outlets are expected to open by next year. However, it’s not legal to consume marijuana on-site at one of these outlet, or at an event. Senate Bill 236 changes this by allowing on-site marijuana use if a business or event receives a permit.

According to its summary, the measure; “Requires a license or permit issued by a local government to operate certain businesses in which the use of marijuana is allowed or to allow the use of marijuana at certain events.”

Senate Bill 236 now moves towards a vote by the full Assembly; passage by the Assembly would send the proposal to Governor Brian Sandoval for final consideration.

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