Why You Need Synthetic Urine

By Kevin S.

Job interviews, food stamps, and more; It seems like everyone wants you to pull your pants down and give them a sample of your urine. Sadly, cannabis users are hit hardest. As we all know, cannabis stays in the system for 30-60 days for regular use, and people still get fired if they have a medical card or not.

Despite various tricks and myths to pass a urine test, many of those tricks do not work, and could be dangerous to your body. This forces cannabis users to take their safety in their own hands,

This forces cannabis users to take their safety in their own hands, and we’ve seen the creativity people use such Minnesota Vikings running back Onterrio Smith who was caught at the airport with the whizzinator by airport officials.

There are only two options to pass a urine test, either abstain from cannabis use, or switch your urine with a synthetic urine.


The Synthetic Urine Solution

Quick Fix Urine is the easiest way to pass a urine test, it’s tested for a well-balanced PH, specific gravity, creatinine, uric acid, urea, and much more. It helps mimic urine at its best by ensuring it’s current with the latest test standards. No one will know you pulled a swap with a fake since it’s identical to the real thing and toxin free.

While labs spend time and money to figure out ways to detect synthetic urine only a few brands can keep up with the changes as they happen. Spectrum Labs of the creator of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine has for the last 20 years perfected the best synthetic urine for passing a urine test, the continue to stay ahead of the science to keep their product #1 when you read all the reviews.

Don’t trust you’re the cheapest product you see online or on a store shelf, remember that Quick Fix delivers peace of mind, so have on hand or all the time or in your glove box a bottle of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, which is good for years unused too!


How to prepare Quick Fix Urine?

  • The first method is to take the urine out of package then place in a microwave for 10 seconds.
  • Next, you verify the correct temperature degree for best results. Once it’s the right temperature then put the cap on and start shaking.
  • Lastly, you’ll need to put a heating pad on to maintain temperature for 6 hours. Then, you’ll have the perfect synthetic urine ready to put to use.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is the ONLY solution for those who don’t want to stop their cannabis use on their own time yet are subject to regular and random drug tests at their place of employment.

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  1. Really, the temperature of the synthetic urine is the trick. The important thing when you microwave it for 10 seconds is to measure the temperature (should be about 100F) and then you have to keep it close to yourself in order for the temp not to go under 90F.

    Usually people make a mistake and bring the fake pee up to 100 degrees but can’t keep it over 90F up to the drug test because you have to wait for the drug screen for an hour or two.

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