Nebraska Senate Votes 44 to 2 to Study Cannabis Oil

photosource420magazineA legislative proposal that would commission the University of Nebraska to study the effectiveness of low-THC cannabis oil in the treatment of seizure disorders has passed Nebraska’s full Senate with a 44 to 2 vote.

“LB 390 creates the Medical Cannabidiol Pilot Study within the University of Nebraska Medical Center for patients who suffer from severe and untreatable or treatment-resistant epileptic seizures”, according to the legislative intent for the bill, introduced by Senator Sue Crawford. “It allows access to low-THC cannabidiol oil for patients under the supervision of a neurologist at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Under LB 390, it shall be an affirmative and complete defense to prosecution if the defendant suffers from intractable seizures and is an active participant in the study or if the defendant is the parent or legal guardian of such an individual.”

The bill also includes specific language that makes it illegal for a child to be removed from a home solely based upon the possession or use of low-THC cannabis oil in accordance with the act.

Funding for the measure would come from the Nebraska Research Initiative.

A much broader bill that would legalize the possession and use of medical cannabis – Legislative Bill 643 – was approved recently through its first reading in the Senate. The Senate is expected to give a final vote on the proposal later this month.


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