Nearly $40 Million in Recreational Cannabis Sold in Colorado in February, New Record

There wascolorado $39.2 million in legal recreational cannabis sold in Colorado in February, setting a record for the second straight month. The new numbers come courtesy of the Colorado Department of Revenue.

The nearly $40 million in sales garnered roughly $4 million in taxes for the state, with the majority of that money going to school construction.

According to the Department of Revenue, there was $700 million worth of legal cannabis sold in Colorado in 2014; $386 million for medical cannabis, and $314 million for recreational cannabis. This resulted in $76 million in taxes.

In January, there was $36.4 million in recreational cannabis sold, a record for the most in any given month until the release of these new numbers


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    • Tom on April 14, 2015 at 7:37 am
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    you need to get to Colorado politicians to come to Baltimore Maryland and let them see what you guys it made show them the results so we can get it legalized here and start making money for our schools roads and government

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