National League of Cities Calls on Feds to Reschedule Marijuana, Respect State Marijuana Laws

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National League of Cities Calls on Feds to Reschedule Marijuana, Respect State Marijuana Laws

The National League of Cities – which represents nearly 20,000 cities – has passed two resolutions urging the federal government to reschedule marijuana and to respect state laws that legalize the substance.

In their resolutions the League calls on the feds to remove marijuana as a schedule 1 controlled substance, and to pass legislation “that would ensure states and local governments have the ability to establish laws and regulations on the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of medical and adult-use cannabis within the state.” This is the first time the group has called on the government to reschedule marijuana.

The League also passed a resolution calling for a resolution in the conflict between state and federal cannabis laws and “provide guidance to financial institutions that results in the cannabis market having access to the federally regulated banking system.” This resolution is similar to one the group has passed in previous years.

In addition, in their resolutions the League calls for the addition of federal regulations overseeing “the manufacturing, distribution and sale of legal medical and adult-use cannabis”.

The National League of Cities was founded in 1924 and represents over 19,000 cities, towns and villages.

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  • Alice Smith
    November 29, 2018

    It’s happening everywhere, except in my state of North Carolina. We do have something coming up on the floor, highly unlikely anything will come of it. In 2015 they voted and it didn’t pass, so they then made a law that it couldn’t even get a vote for another 2 years!! yep, that’s what living in the Bible belt gets you. It took us forever to finally get the lottery here and even then, it was a lot of backlash from outspoken members of the church community..Some of the same people I saw in line buying lottery tickets, lol!

  • Ron
    December 3, 2018

    North Carolina is one backwards ass state. I think NY is bad but holy shit, the in your face spitting on any democratic action is blatant and served with a middle finger.

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