MPP Updates Cannabis Scorecard for Presidential Candidates, Includes Third-Party Nominees

jointThe Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), the nation’s largest cannabis policy organization, has released their updated presidential candidate voter guide for the general election, which now includes third-party candidates. The full guide can be found by clicking here.

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who was nominated Sunday by the Libertarian Party, and physician Jill Stein, the presumptive Green Party nominee, were both added to the voter guide, and both received “A+” grades. Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump received a “C+” – primarily based on his past support for legalizing medical cannabis – and the two remaining Democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, received a “B” and an “A,” respectively (though in all honesty, we here at TheJointBlog do take issue with Clinton receiving a “B”, when all she supports is rescheduling cannabis to schedule 2 alongside drugs such as cocaine; and even this she didn’t support until the current election cycle).

“This is the most marijuana-friendly field of presidential candidates in history,” says Robert Capecchi, MPP’s director of federal policies. “All of the candidates support legal access to medical marijuana, and most of them support making it legal for adults and regulating it like alcohol. Even the least friendly candidate agrees that states should be able to able to determine their own marijuana laws without federal interference.”

Once again, the full guide can be found here.

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