Missouri Secretary of State Gives Approval to Cannabis Legalization Initiative

Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander has given approval to an initiative that would legalize cannabis for those 21+.

In addition to legalizing cannabis for those 21 and older, the initiative would legalize medical cannabis for minors; given they have a qualifying condition and receive a recommendation from a physician.

The approval gives advocates the go-ahead to begin collecting signatures in an attempt to put the measure to a vote of the people in the 2018 general election. They must collect 82,000 valid signatures by May of next year to accomplish this.

A similar measure fell just 23 signatures short last year of being on the November ballot.

A separate initiative that would legalize only the medical use of cannabis also received approval from Kander.

As of January 1st in Missouri, those caught possessing up to 10 grams of cannabis will no longer be imprisoned for up to a year for their first offense, thanks to Senate Bill 491 taking effect. Unfortunately subsequent offense, or possessing over 10 grams, can still result in jail time.

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