Missouri Police Sergeant Hired as Pro-Marijuana Lobbyist

Sergeant Gary Wiegert is now a lobbyist for Show-Me Cannabis Regulations.

Sergeant Gary Wiegert has been a police officer in St. Louis for over 30 years. During this time he’s twice been president of the St. Louis Police Officer’s Association, and for years has been the head of the local police union.

Now, he’s lobbying to reform the city and state’s failed cannabis policies. He was recently hired by the non-profit, pro-legalization group Show-Me Cannabis Regulations, which has been attempting to legalize cannabis in Missouri for the past couple years. In addition to full legalization, the group has been working towards legalizing medical cannabis, as well as bringing city-level decrim in places like St. Louis.

This marks one of the first times in cannabis reform history where an active police officer is also an active lobbyist for a pro-marijuana group.

Unsurprisingly, this is starting to cause some concerns.

According to Fox2, a local news program out of St. Louis:

“FOX 2 had an interview with Wiegert arranged for Friday afternoon. At the last minute, police refused him permission to speak. And we’re told Wiegert has to meet with police higher-ups Monday at police headquarters downtown.”

Police Chief Sam Dotson also issued a statement, saying that “Sergeant Wiegert is not representing the department. His comments are his own and not what is expected of our officers.”

Regardless of what comes from this meeting, we applaud, and give a standing ovation to Segeant Wiegert. It’s advocates like him that help break through stereotypes, and reach a group of people that might of otherwise been shutoff to the idea of cannabis law reform.

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