Mississippi Initiative Filed to Legalize Cannabis for Everyone 18+

missiAn initiative to legalize recreational cannabis for everyone 18 and older has been filed in Mississippi.

According to an official summary of the measure, Initiative Measure 52 “would amend the Mississippi Constitution to include the Mississippi Cannabis Freedom Act (‘the Act’). The Act legalizes cannabis for persons eighteen years of age and older, legalizes cannabis for medical purposes, authorizes the collection of taxes on cannabis, and includes various other definitions and mechanisms for implementation of the Act. For purposes of this measure, ‘cannabis’ means hemp, weed, herd, marijuana, grass, wax, concentrate extract, and hashish.”

The initiative is separate from a legalization initiative filed earlier this year by activist Kelly Jacobs of Hernando. That measure – Initiative 48 – would “legalize the use, cultivation and sale of cannabis and industrial hemp [to those 21 and older]. Cannabis related crimes would be punished in a manner similar to, or to a lesser degree, than alcohol related crimes. Cannabis sales would be taxed 7 percent. Cannabis sold for medical purposes and industrial hemp would be exempt from taxation. The governor would be required to pardon persons convicted of non-violent cannabis crimes against the state of Mississippi.”

According to state estimates, Initiative 48 would garner $17 million in revenue in the first 7 months of sales. There’s no estimate on what would be garnered under Initiative 52, as that proposal doesn’t establish a specific tax rate.


4 thoughts on “Mississippi Initiative Filed to Legalize Cannabis for Everyone 18+”

  1. Im from Memphis Tennessee, grew up in the tri state area including Mississippi and lm surprised to see this type of movement. Im currently living in Seattle Washington were cannabis is legal and the mindframe of marijuana is more tolerable but I do plan on moving back down south in the next few years and this gives me great hope for the future to see this initiative even come up in a place where honoring tradition is done for tradition sake, and even new ideas that are good ideas aren’t even given the time. I really want to be a part of this movement and would like to know how i can!

  2. Well… I like to send out support for “The Mississippi Cannabis Freedom Act” legalizing cannabis for adults. You can find more information on Mississippi Sercery of State website link Initiative… This is the first Measure 52 to create markets for cannabis: Adults, Medical Marijuana, Hemp Farming, Taxes Collection. The Measure 52 is the 1st ever Hydird Modal Cannabis Legalization ever, and has said to bring 7000 jobs with $100,000,000 USD annual economy impact. The sponsor, Steven B. Griffin, of Laurel, MS, believes “The Mississippi Cannabis Freedom Act” is a game changer for the State of Mississippi, because it uses resoures directly related to Cannabis to create income for Mississippian.” Mississippi Marijuana Freedom Party has more information about Measure 52, so email mmfp420@gmail.com for the Measure 52. Request a complete cpoy of Measure 52, so you can see whats the people are asking for by this amendment…..

  3. There is no mention of growing for ones personal use…unrestricted…restrictions makes crime and supports the black market. Anyone growing under 100 plants it should be considered a hobby more than that amount a business. An amount like this keeps cops outta homes, yards, etc. All plants considered plants must be growing in dirt soundly rooted..anything dried or drying or stored does not count as plants….a holding amount should be enough to provide a family through one growing season to another outdoors. Cannabis is a vegetable and has many uses ..it takes a lot of cannabis to juice it daily or cook with it. Nobody raises an eyebrow at 20 pounds of potatoes. Grapes can get one high or any fruit for that matter…just ferment them….THC must be heated properly from THCA …that is no different than making beer or wine by someone.


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