Mississippi Legislature Passes Bill Preventing Probable Cause to Remove a Child from Home Based Solely on Parent’s Marijuana Use

Mississippi’s full Legislature has passed a bill that would prevent the establishment of probable cause to remove a child from a parent based solely on the parent’s marijuana use.

House Bill 652 was passed by the Senate with a 50 to 2 vote earlier this month, and a few days after was concurred by the House of Representatives with a 98 to 15 vote. The measure was signed today by leaders of the House and Senate, sending it to Phil Bryant for consideration.

According to the measure; “A finding of probable cause, as prescribed under this paragraph, shall not be based solely upon a positive drug test of a child’s parent for marijuana”.

However, “a finding of probable cause may be based upon an evidence-based finding of harm to the child or a parent’s inability to provide for the care and supervision of the child due to the parent’s use of marijuana.

More information on House Bill 652, including its full text, can be found by clicking here.

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