Minnesota Governor Signs Legislation Allowing Hospitals to Administer Medical Cannabis

minnesotayeahMinnesota Governor Mark Dayton has signed into law legislation allowing hospitals to distribute medical cannabis to those who are qualified patients registered with the state.

The new law provides legal protections to healthcare facilities and their employees who possess and administer medical cannabis while carrying out their employment duties. This would explicitly allow healthcare professionals to administer medical cannabis to those who may benefit from it, given they are part of the state’s medical cannabis registry, which officially opens on June 1st.

For those wanting to learn more about Minnesota’s medical cannabis program, including information on how to become a qualified patient, Minnesota’s Department of Health has a resource site which can be found by clicking here.


3 thoughts on “Minnesota Governor Signs Legislation Allowing Hospitals to Administer Medical Cannabis”

  1. So who will have the Monopoly on Production and Distribution of the Medicine ? WILL WE BE ABLE TO GROW OUR OWN MEDICINE ? WHY NOT ?????

  2. Thank you for believing in the use of cannabis, and thank you for helping those in need, it’s about time that somebody truly understands that medical campus does work , and it does truly work for so many different conditions in is an awesome pain reliever, it’s either take a handful of pills that give you so many more side effects or just use canibus that does not have bad side effects . I just wish they would allow more testing and further research to make it legal in all states for patients that need it, thank you very much hot your compassion for your fellow man , and women.

  3. I think it is wonderful that patients can actually get what they need, if cannabis help you when you’re sick, I don’t think anybody should deny them whatever works for them, cannabis is a God given herb and I believe that if canibus works for you then you should not be denied, unless you are sick or are in a lot of pain then you don’t understand, it is better to use canibus than to take a handful of pills that eventually harm your internal organs like your liver , kidneys , and even an enlarged heart, medical cannabis has none of these side effects. I just wish the lawmakers would understand how much relief you get from pain , , I can take pain pills but I have been on pills so ong that they just don’t eork anymore, thank you for helping Those seriously ill , it shows you gave compassion for others , it’s a great start , keep up the great work , and I want to say thank you for helping those in need.


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