Michigan Senate Committee Approves Bills to Legalize Cannabis Dispensaries, Edibles and Extracts

Michigan’s Senate Government Operations Committee has given approval to two cannabis-related measures, House Bill 4271,michigan and House Bill 5104. Both measures have been approved by the state’s House of Representatives, and are now up for a full Senate vote, where their passage would send them to Governor Rick Synder for consideration.

Under House Bill 4271, medical cannabis dispensaries (referred to asĀ provisioning centers) would be explicitly legal in communities that allow them. Under current Michigan law, the possession of up to two and a half ounces of cannabis, and the private cultivation of up to twelve cannabis plants, is legal for qualifying patients, though dispensaries are not permitted under the state’s law.

House Bill 5104 would legalize cannabis extracts and cannabis-infused products such as brownies and teas, allowing them to be possessed and used by patients, and to be sold at the dispensaries that House Bill 4271 would legalize.

Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville tells us that both bills could be voted on as soon as next month.


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