Michigan May Soon Add PTSD, Autism, Insomnia and Asthma as Qualifying Medical Cannabis Conditions

Michigan’s 10-member Medical Marihuana Act Review Panel will soon discuss and consider adding post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD),marijuana-medical insomnia, asthma and autism to the state’s lists of conditions which qualified someone to become a medical cannabis patient. Michigan lawmakers approved medical cannabis legalization in 2008, though advocates have claimed that the review panel and state has been too slow in improving the law: In April the panel was disbanded and reappointed in June.

A vote on adding these conditions could come as soon as today, as the panel is expected to take them into consideration this afternoon at a meeting at the Michigan Library and Historical Center in Lansing.

We’ll update this article with results once a vote has occurred.

[Update: The panel voted in favor of adding post traumatic stress disorder to the list of qualifying medical cannabis conditions, though they unfortunately rejected the additions of insomnia, asthma and autism.]


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