Michigan: Legislation to Legalize Cannabis Announced

Michigan: Legislation to Legalize Cannabis Announced

Michigan Representative Jeff Irwin.

Michigan Representative Jeff Irwin.

Michigan State Representative Jeff Irwin has announced that he will soon file legislation to legalize the possession and state-sanctioned distribution of recreational cannabis.

“It makes sense from a public safety and public health perspective to bring that activity into the regulated space where we can make sure that consumers are protected”, says Irwin.

“You’ve got people on the left who are saying that people should not be having their lives ruined over something like marijuana and you’ve got people on the right who are saying marijuana prohibition and the war on drugs is the granddaddy of all big government programs”.

Irwin notes that the state can “take the hundreds of millions of dollars we’re spending on prosecuting marijuana offenders and direct those resources towards real criminals with real victims.”

The legislation is expected to be filed before the state’s legislature reconvenes in August.

According to polling released last month, 56% of Michigan voters support legalizing cannabis.


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