Michigan Lawmakers Unanimously Approve Proposal to Legalize Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

Michigan’s House Judiciary Committee has unanimously approved a proposal to legalize medical cannabis dispensaries, as well as medical cannabis ediblescannajar; it not heads to the full House for consideration, before going to the Senate.

Under the measure – House Bill 4271 – localities would be allowed to choose whether or not they want medical cannabis dispensaries in their communities. Under current Michigan law medical cannabis is legal, though dispensaries are not, leading to a February ruling by the Michigan Supreme Court that forced shut all dispensaries that were opened.

In addition to allowing localities to allow dispensaries, HB 4271 would legalize medical cannabis edibles, which aren’t currently explicitly legal under Michigan’s medical cannabis law.

Those in Michigan should contact their district’s lawmakers – which they can look up by clicking here – and urge them to support this proposal.


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