Michigan House of Representatives Votes to Legalize Medical Cannabis Dispensaries and Edibles

Yesterday Michigan’s House of Representatives approved two proposals to improve upon the state’s medical cannabis law. The first of the two proposalsmedicanna, House Bill 4271, would legalize medical cannabis dispensaries throughout the state, allowing localities to decide if they want to prohibit them within city boundaries. This measure was approved 95 to 14. The House also approved House Bill 5104 – with an overwhelming 100 to 9 vote – which would legalize medical cannabis edibles, such as medicated brownies and tinctures.

Lawmakers (in both the House and the Senate) also approved Senate Bill 660, sending it to the governor for final consideration. This proposal would allow the state to license large-scale growers to produce cannabis for sale through state-licensed pharmacies. Creation of the registry would be dependent on federal approval, however, and the system would not replace the current medical cannabis law.

These proposals became necessary after a Supreme Court ruling in February forced the state’s dispensaries to close, and a Michigan Court of appeals ruling in July found cannabis edibles to be illegal despite the state’s medical cannabis law.


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