Michigan House Approves Bills to Legalize Medical Cannabis Dispensaries and Edibles

jilly-bean-medical-marijuana-weed-strain-thcf-jillybeanweedWith a 95 to 11 vote, Michigan’s full House of Representatives gave approval today to a trio of bills that would establish a system of medical cannabis dispensaries and cultivation centers, while also legalizing the use and distribution of cannabis edibles such as brownies and tinctures.

House Bills 4209, 4210 and 4827 would legalize the distribution of medical cannabis through state-licensed dispensaries, which would get their cannabis from licensed cultivation centers. In addition to distributing dried cannabis flower, dispensaries will be authorized to distribute cannabis-infused products such as tinctures and cannabis cookies.

In Michigan, medical cannabis has been legal since 2008, but the law didn’t allow for the opening of dispensaries.

The measures now goes to the state’s Senate, where its passage will send it to Governor Rick Synder for consideration.


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