Michigan: Enough Signatures Gathered to Put Marijuana Legalization to a Public Vote

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Michigan: Enough Signatures Gathered to Put Marijuana Legalization to a Public Vote

Marijuana legalization advocates in Michigan have gathered enough signatures to place the issue to a vote of the people during the November, 2018 general election.

The Committee to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol announced this week that it’s gathered over 360,000 signatures on their initiative to legalize marijuana for everyone 21 and older. This is well more than the 252,523 valid signatures required by state law to place a ballot initiative on the ballot. However, before the group can submit the signatures they must first pay $30,000 to professional signature gatherers in order to obtain the petitions, something spokesperson Josh Hovey says should be accomplished by Thanksgiving.

The proposed initiative would legalize the possession, cultivation and use of marijuana for those 21 and older, while establishing a system of licensed marijuana retail outlets. Cannabis would be taxed with a 10% excise tax and a 6% sales tax, with funding going towards schools, local governments and road repairs.

If the initiative is placed on the ballot (which will come after the state verifies the signatures) and is passed by voters, Michigan would become the 9th state to legalize marijuana for personal use.

The Committee to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol is a partnership between the Marijuana Policy Project, the ACLU of Michigan, the Drug Policy Alliance, the National Patients Rights AssociationMichigan NORMLMI Legalize, the Michigan Cannabis Coalition, and lawyers from the State Bar of Michigan Marijuana Law Section.

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  • bren
    November 20, 2017

    After seeing the tax revenue coming in from this in legal states, it’s amazing to me that it would only be the 9th state!

  • Lloyd Kush
    April 15, 2018

    Good luck. everywhere there is the government there is corruption. remember that we are not asking for this from the government like some kid asking for a candy. We are the government. We are the people that dictate what we can and cant have. It’s great that Americans are getting somewhere .. but if nobody sees that simple fact we will stay asking for handouts and permission.

  • Martin
    August 29, 2018

    Marijuana is vastly used as medicine today. Thanks for sharing

  • mark smith
    December 11, 2019

    I think that marijuana should be legalized, for medical purposes without any further procedures. It helps a lot in various ways for humans, as well as for pets also.

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