Michigan Attorney General Rules Medical Marijuana Not Reason to Lose Custody of Children

In a ruling that will set precedent across the state, Michigan’s attorney general Bill Schuette says parents wtumblr_m1gkvax0vi1r14mdoho use marijuana for medical purposes aren’t inherently disqualified fromĀ  having custody of their children. This ruling is an important one, as past cases in Michigan, and in other medical marijuana states across the nation, parents have lost custody of their children, sometimes simply for being an authorized medical marijuana patient.

The bill will put medical marijuana on the same field as prescription drugs, where it’s not a disqualifier for custody, though in extreme cases where it can be proven to be a harm to the child, it can be considered in custody battles – we see few to no situations where medical marijuana would fit this criteria.

The opinion was released today, and was in response to a question by state Senator Rick Jones.


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