Mexico Supreme Court May Legalize Cannabis, Consideration Set for October 28th

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Mexico Supreme Court May Legalize Cannabis, Consideration Set for October 28th

mexico supreme courtTomorrow, October 28th, the Mexico Supreme Court will take the historic step of considering the legalization of recreational cannabis. The court will be deciding whether or not it’s unconstitutional for the nation to prohibit possession and cultivation of the plant.

“This debate in Mexico’s Supreme Court is extraordinary for two reasons: because it is being argued on human rights grounds, and because it is taking place in one of the countries that has suffered the most from the war on drugs”, says Hannah Hetzer of the Drug Policy Alliance. “In the eight years since former President Felipe Calderon ramped up the militarized response to drugs and trafficking, the surge of violence has led to the death of 100,000 people and the disappearance of 25,000 in Mexico.”

“It is unprecedented for the Supreme Court to introduce a human rights dimension to the debate on drug policy,” says Lisa Sanchez, Latin American Programme Manager for Transform Drug Policy Foundation and México Unido Contra la Delincuencia. “If the Court recognizes that the prohibition of marijuana consumption and cultivation for non-commercial purposes limits the right to the free development of one’s personality, it may determine that various articles in the General Health Act are unnecessarily punitive. This could would give citizens the possibility to cultivate marijuana for personal use without having to turn to the underground market.”

The court will be discussing and voting on whether to declare parts of their federal health law that prohibits the growth and consumption of cannabis is unconstitutional.

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The court is taking up the issue after a nonprofit group filed an injunction against a 2013 decision by health regulator Cofepris.


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  • Roncrpntr
    October 28, 2015

    I am retired and live in Mexico. Today I read that some people were found decapitated in the state where I live, likely cartel rivalry. To quote the poet, “How many deaths will it take. . . before too many people have died.”
    On a brighter note, an English Language newspaper here, is running a poll if should MJ should be legalized, both med and rec. The last time I checked it was 85% in favor.

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