Meditation with cannabis

meditation using weed

Meditation with cannabis

Meditation comes with a great set of benefits. It relaxes the body, boosts the focus and immune system and reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety, lowers the blood pressure, just to name a few.  It contributes to the well-being and health of those who practice it.


But, this is easier said than done. Why is this?


The main rule of meditation is to not only to relax but also to be present to yourself in a poised way. To meditate, you need to forget about your troubles and be in the present moment, put away the anxieties, and only by repeatedly practicing meditation you can progressively clear your mind otherwise none of it will work.

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People are highly stressed today. They struggle to let go of negative or depressing thoughts and anxiety. When they sit down to meditate, their mind wanders to obligations, problems, and worries. This is why cannabis meditation is so popular. Thanks to its calming effects, one smoke can bring you into a conducive meditative state.


Why You Should Meditate


Meditation has a positive impact on different things. Starting from your sleep to your problem-solving abilities to your immune response,to remain calm under stressful situations, this is a great tool for bettering your health.


When it comes to stress reduction, experts are hard-pressed to find a technique that shows better results than meditation. People all across the world take their time to use different techniques, stress relieving oils and energy increasing kratom strains to relieve the tension and boost their well-being. This has been going on for ages and its popularity grows every day.


How to meditate using weed


Why Weed?


For many people, meditation is difficult. They struggle with chronic pain that prevents them to relax or are too stressed out. Observing your thoughts through meditation does not come easy.


Science shows that cannabis clears the mind and gets it into the right mode. The densely populated cannabinoid receptors in the human brain i.e. the CB1 receptors, are responsible for the excitation and inhibition response of people. As part of the endocannabinoid system, these promote balance in the brain.


As a result, weed helps those who try to get into a calm state and beat the pain. It reduces muscle tension, provides a delicious body high, and effectively reduces inflammation. This allows users to get at the optimal concentration required to do meditation exercises or simply sit still in body and mind.


Mixing Weed and Meditation


If you ever find yourself struggling to get rid of the negative thoughts, you can consider lighting up. Many people do this nowadays. Cannabis has this power to focus the mind and relax the body. Combined with some techniques, it makes for a successful health regime.


Many people have the habit of over thinking or negative thinking. They get caught up in unhealthy habits. Stress causes insomnia and leads to poor quality of sleep. It makes people anxious, unfocused, and leads to procrastination. Everyday things can make you live an unhealthy life and worry. Meditation is one grand step toward fixing all this.


Think of cannabis as a medium for high meditation. To slow down and relax, you need calming techniques. To meditate, you need cannabis to relax or let’s say that specific strains of cannabis can be very helpful to help you achieve this meditative and detached and unperturbed and expanded state. Such strains can be the Ethiopian, Lebanese, Turkish, Egyptian, Thai Hill just to name a few.


It goes both ways, actually.


When your state of mind has heightened levels of anxiety and stress, this affects your physical and mental health. Relaxing is your strongest tool and your option to rest and recharge at the same time. While some use cannabis exclusively to help them relax, others take this one step further – they do meditation while high. You can look this high as a heightened state, when your senses are fully alert and amplified.


These two things perfectly complement each other. Cannabis is a vehicle to mentally get you to the right place and relax while still being present to yourself and what is actually going on within yourself. Meditation is an amazing tool to strengthen the effects of cannabis. When cannabinoids in the plants interact with your brain receptors, they produce euphoric and relaxing effects simultaneously.


Meditation with Weed


Incorporating Weed into Meditation Practices


People have different experiences with both weed and meditation. When it comes to mixing these, there is no one solution that fits all. Thankfully, there are numerous quality strains to try out today, and you can always ask for professional medical advice about which suits you the best.


Some general strategies can be applied if you decide to incorporate cannabis into your techniques. Here are some useful tips:


Explore terpenes


Not all weed types are good for meditating. If you want to truly experience great meditation sessions, you need to look for the right terpenes. For example, beta-caryophyllene is ideal if you struggle with discomfort or pain. Linalool is a great terpene for relaxation and stress reduction. Finally, limonene is perfect for boosting focus and improving mood. Explore different terpenes and check their presence in the strains you are considering.


Don’t get too much THC


THC levels can determine how your marijuana experience goes. If you get too many hits or consume a strain with THC that is too high for you, focusing can become impossible. Not to mention, inexperienced users who consume too much THC can face negative effects if they overdo it.


If you decide to take cannabis to meditate, go easy on THC. This is especially important if you have little experience with cannabis. Try strains with lower THC concentration or higher CBD-THC ratio.


Experiment a little


Not every cannabis or meditation technique is right for every person. You need to find what fits you the best, which requires a bit of experimentation. Don’t settle for the first thing you try. Experiment with different types of cannabis and meditation until you find the ones that bring the most benefits to you.


When you experiment with new meditation types, you can test energizing techniques and calming techniques. Try to find a fitting strain. For example, get a more relaxing strain if you are doing sitting meditation. If you do movement-based meditation, get a more energizing strain. Pairing the right techniques and strains can bring ideal benefits.


The Bottom Line


People use different methods and techniques to relax. Some take a stroll in their spare time or hang out with friends. Others get a massage or go on vacation. For many people today, meditation and cannabis are an almost instant, effective, and long-lasting way to beat stress and anxiety. Have you tried mixing the two? The right pairing of weed and meditation techniques can make you more focused, relaxed, and bring you an entire set of health benefits.


written by Tia M., Editor and Contributor at AskGrowers

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