Medical Patients’ Rights Being Threatened in Washington State

By John Novak, Editor,

Recently the Washington State Liquor Control Board, the Department of Health and the Department of Revenue came out with their first draft of recommendations to the legislators for medical cannabis laws.mmjplant The three departments were asked to come up with these recommendations after an amendment was slipped into the 2013 Budget Bill over the summer. It was introduced by Senator Ann Rivers. The group also includes John Lane from the Governor’s office and several other legislative assistants.

The recommendations were more draconian than even we had imagined. In order to protect the profits of the I-502 recreational stores, our state officials have removed any doubt about their intentions. Here’s the main points:

1. Eliminate home grows and collective gardens

2. Eliminate the affirmative defense by instituting a mandatory patient and designated provider registry

3. Eliminate the process for adding new conditions, forcing patients to lobby for changes in legislation to cover their condition.

4. Force patients to purchase cannabis through recreational, I-502 stores with possible tax exemptions.

We have been screaming from the rooftops to everyone that would listen and have been ignored until now. Hopefully, this is the wakeup call you need to get up and speak to your local legislators. The time to act is now! Tell them to LEAVE MEDICAL CANNABIS ALONE!

15 years of medical cannabis laws, legal precedence and now people’s lives and livelihood are now being threatened by a small group of government bureaucrats looking to expand their authority. Do not let this state put profits over patients.

Please check out our website at and get informed about what your government is doing and how you can help. We have the public documents that prove this has been their plan all along.

View the TIMELINE of events here:

View the MMJ Work Group recommendations here:

Find your Legislator here

You may send a brief message to your district legislators through the in-state toll-free Hotline number: 800.562.6000. You may send an e-mail message to your legislator by using the legislator e-mail services at The Hearing Impaired can send a brief message to their district legislators through the in-state toll-free TTY Hotline number: 800.635-9993.

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  1. Well they can kiss my ass …I’ve had my medical card 12 years and grow my own meds .not out to make a buck , i will not become a slave grower of the state …


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