Medical Marijuana Now Sold Legally in Pharmacies Throughout the Czech Republic

Yesterday, April 1st, medical marijuana officially became legal in the Czech Republic. Today, pharmacies ac3602.16.czech-republicross the country have begun to sell the medicine. In order for someone to qualify to purchase marijuana through these pharmacies, they must suffer from cancer, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis or psoriasis, and must get a prescription from their doctors.

To help meet the supply, the Czech Republic will be importing marijuana for the first year, most likely from Israel or the Netherlands.

After the first year, the State Institute for Drug Control will begin to issue licenses to local growers.

In the Czech Republic, possessing up to a half an ounce of cannabis, or cultivating up to 5 plants, carries with it no criminal charges.


4 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana Now Sold Legally in Pharmacies Throughout the Czech Republic”

  1. I commend the Czech government for their liberal stance towards cancer sufferers and it would be brilliant if I could just get in my car, take the cross-channel ferry and drive to the supplying outlet, but my doctor in GB will not write me a prescription for medical cannabis……its so frustrating knowing its legal in most countries, but not my own!!!


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