Medical Marijuana Measure Passes New Jersey Legislature, Heads to Governor

This afternoon the New Jersey legislature passed12.6-LosAngelesSuing a measure that would make access to medical cannabis easier for children who need it, in addition to legalizing medical marijuana edibles, and increasing the number of strains a dispensary can carry.

Under current law, those under 18 are required to get approval from three different individuals before they can become a patient: A psychiatrist, a pediatrician and a physician. Given that it can be difficult for parents (even in the most dire situation) to find a psychiatrist to sign-off, the proposal would remove the requirement that youth patients receive a recommendation from anyone other than a physician and a parent.

The measure would also allow dispensaries in the state to sell marijuana-infused foods and drinks, which are currently illegal (with lozenges being the exception). It would also allow dispensaries to carry a wider variety of strains (only three strains are currently approved to be distributed).

The measure now heads to Governor Chris Christie to be signed into law.

– TheJointBlog

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