Medical Marijuana Legalized in Missouri

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Medical Marijuana Legalized in Missouri

Missouri voters have said “Yes”, they want medical marijuana legalized.

Missouri has legalized medical marijuana through the initiative process, with voters approving Amendment 2 this evening. The measure, which was passed with over 65% in support, legalizes the possession and use of marijuana and marijuana products for medical purposes. Those wanting to use marijuana legally will first need to receive a recommendation from a physician.

The measure authorizes medical marijuana dispensaries, which will be allowed to sell marijuana to patients. Amendment 2 places a 4% tax on medical marijuana.

Missouri now joins over 30 other states that have legalized at least some form of medical marijuana.

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For more information on Amendment 2, click here.


  • Debbie
    November 7, 2018

    Hello Anthony. I have been on generic Prozac for over 15 years and would really rather try medical marijuana to try to alleviate my edginess and anxiety. Can you tell me if there is a website I can go to in order to file for a prescription? I have other ailments that lead me to believe medical marijuana would help them too, but at the moment I am more concerned with getting off generic Prozac.

    Thank you,

  • Kennen
    November 7, 2018

    The question is where we get started oil, clowns, seed, or flowers with the sq ft of space that the co op has to work with? Don’t get me wrong we won’t our patients to get the medicine that they need we just know that the water is the most important key to any great produce production of any of your choices. So from A group that has done it where should the co-op start in Missouri?

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