Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative Being Filed in Florida

People United for Medical Marijuana will be filing a new initiative to legalize marijuana in Florida as soon as today, and no later than early next week.florida The group will be aiming for the 2014 general election ballot; they’ll need to collect roughly 700,000 valid signatures to do so.

“I have the finished product in front of me,” said John Morgan, an Orlando attorney and former fundraiser for President Obama, who is funding the effort through his own means and political connections, “I’m going to have it delivered to the Secretary of State Office by Friday or early next week at the latest.”

The proposal will be a constitutional amendment which legalizes cannabis throughout the state, authorizing patients to use and possess marijuana, as well as purchase it through state-licensed dispensaries (home cultivation may also be allowed). Given that it’s a constitutional amendment it will need to garner 60% of the votes – rather than a simple majority of 50% – in order to become law. However, recent polling has found that over 70% of Floridians support such a move.

Morgan said he plans to raise and spend $2 to $3 million to get the initiative on the ballot, and up to $20 million to run a successful campaign.


3 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative Being Filed in Florida”

  1. I come from Colorado where I was a patient and believe me I did much, much better on Medical Cannabis.I have P.T.S.D, M.R.S.A which has gotten deadly a few times down here.And I have sever back problems from multiple accidents.I would much rather grow my own medicine then take addictive pain killers.

  2. I live in St.Augustine Florida and I think medical cannabis should be legalized in Florida I hope it works out I think it should be legalized everywhere

    • I’m with ya! I live in SA too! The process has started in collecting voter signatures. They need to collect 700k signatures and John Morgan of Morgan & Morgan has jumped in with a very large check to help the process!


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