Medical Cannabis Legalization Bill Filed in Missouri


A bill that would legalize the possession and personal cultivation of medical cannabis in Missouri was recently filed, and assigned a bill number; House Bill 688. If the measure passes through the legislature, it would be put to a vote of the people in 2014.

According to Dan Viets, board member of the grassroots, pro-legalization group Show-Me Cannabis Regulations: 

“HB 688 would permit patients who have a physician’s certification to cultivate up to three mature plants, along with four immature plants and one ounce of usable marijuana for each mature plant. Conditions for which a physician could certify medical need include multiple sclerosis, cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, severe nausea, severe pain and severe and persistent muscle spasms or any other serious medical condition.”

In addition, the bill would move cannabis from a schedule 1 drug under state law, to a schedule 2.

You can read the bill, in its entirety, by clicking here.

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6 thoughts on “Medical Cannabis Legalization Bill Filed in Missouri”

  1. Legalizing medicinal cannabis would be great not only for the people who suffer everyday with chronic health problems but it would also benefit the economic growth of the state. For example, I suffer from severe seizures. I have to take medication that is not only severly addictive but is very harsh on my immune system. Medicinal cannabis would be a much better alternative to these harsh medications. Just like Lisa who posted the fact that this could be an alternative to taking a highly addictive pain killer morphine. I understand that pharmaceutical companies are at risk with the legalization of medicinal cannabis but they need to understand that by taking a small pay cut, they could improve some many peoples quality of life. As far as the economical growth that this movement would increase; just think of the millions of dollars tax payers put out to institutionalize cannabis offenders. Besides these facts, the amount of smuggling and drug related crimes would dramatically be reduced. Cannabis is grown from a seed just like a flower. It is not produced by using harmful ingredients. Its a natural herb that helps with pain. You cannot overdose on it like you can with medications like morphine, oxycodone and Xanax, just to name a few. I’m not saying that everyone should be able to use medicinal cannabis; only the sick individuals who would benefit from it. So please do the right thing and legalize medical marijuana.

  2. They really need too… I moved to Oregon and have my card for almost 4 years… There is lots that the Midwest is clueless about, and need to make a change… I had severe head trauma from when I lived in KC… came out here and was turned on to medical marijuana… its all around better, you grow your own medicine, or have a grower do it for you… I refuse to take pills cause I have seen my mom, aunt, and lots of friends ruin their lives eating a bottle of pills for their problems and get addicted…


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