Medical Marijuana Dispensary Workers Unionize in Maine

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Workers Unionize in Maine

Employees at Wellness Connection, by far the largest medical marijuana dispensary group in Maine, have officially unionized to combat what they consider bad management. The newly unionized group consists oWCME_logof over 40 people.

This news comes just days after the dispensary was cited for violating more than 20 state regulations, one being that they used pesticides in essentially all of their products, despite that being forbidden by state law. The state investigation began after an employee gave a tip to the state’s Department of Health and Human Services.

“For our employer to put profits and convenience over patient safety and health is not only wrong, but also morally reprehensible,” Barbara Heap told the Boston Herald. Barbara works at one of the group’s cultivation centers, and expresses a sentiment felt by most of the employees.

When questioned recently by local media, Wellness Connection Executive Director Becky DeKeuster didn’t indicate whether or not the company would recognize the union, stating “With a union or without a union, WCM is going to continue to improve”.

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It’s no surprise that management isn’t jumping at having an extra layer of checks and balances, given that it took employees taking a stand in order to expose what was clearly widespread misconduct.

Those wanting to encourage the organization to recognize the union, can contact the group by calling (855)-848-6740.


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