Medical Cannabis Oil Bill Approved Unanimously by North Carolina Senate

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Medical Cannabis Oil Bill Approved Unanimously by North Carolina Senate

North Carolina House Bill 766, a proposal to legalize the medical use of cannabis extracts, has been approved unanimously by the state’s full Senate.northcaro

The measure was passed with some minor amendments, meaning it will head back to the House of Representatives – which has already passed the bill once – for a final vote. If approved in the House, as expected, it will go to Governor Pat McCrory for consideration.

Under the proposed law, those with seizure disorders who receive a recommendation from a physician will be authorized to possess and use cannabis oil that has no more than 0.9% THC.

“Today’s discussion truly signals the Senate wants to help remedy the mistake of last year’s law,” says Liz Gorman, a mother who moved from Charlotte to Colorado in 2013 in order to supply her daughter (who suffers from epilepsy) with cannabis oil. “Lots of steps in this process. But I’m excited about what happened today.”

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Representative Pat McElraft, the bill’s primary sponsor, says she hopes the House will vote on the measure this week.



  • Don Snow
    July 5, 2015

    I am a stage four cancer survivor. I believe that cannibis oil should be approved also for cancer treatment .

  • JC
    July 7, 2016

    In Aug of 2009 I fell with a ladder, cantilevering over a pair of sawhorses. I landed head neck and shoulders first on top of a pile of boulders. I broke my neck in 3 place, herniated 3 disc’s in my neck, I burst my esophagus directly above the larynx, I herniated 2 disc’s in my thoracic back, I broke a vertebrae and traverse in my lumbar region, I broke my pelvis, I ended up with a complete thickness tear of my ACL, as well as a complete thickness tear of my inner leg ligament not to mention a meniscus tear on either side of the horn in my left knee …. Nothing was ever been done for any of these ailments. I did not have ins. and therefore the N.C. medical community did willingly turn their backs on me. I was left to die. I am now being told that nothing can be done for any of these problems so I am left in pain every day from the time I get up till I go to sleep sitting up in a chair. I lost 50% of the peripheral vision in one eye and 30% in the other when I fell but no one has explained why.

    I also believe the state of North Carolina should include the availability of medical marijuana to those in or suffering with inoperable symptoms in which a patient is left with a condition as to be in continual chronic pain, or something like that anyway …

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