Medical Cannabis Legalization Proposal Filed in South Carolina

South Carolina Representative Todd Rutherford (the House Minority Leader) has filed the Put Patients First Act, a proposal to legalize medical cannabis. sccannabis

Under the proposal, a patient with a debilitating condition (such as cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma and AIDS) will be authorized to possess up to 2 ounces of cannabis, and cultivate up to 6 plants, if they receive a recommendation from a physician, and register with the state’s Department of Health. State-licensed dispensaries would be established to distribute cannabis to patients.

“The time has come to put aside archaic misconceptions of medical marijuana and put patients first,” says Representative Rutherford. “I hear devastating stories every single day from people who are battling epilepsy or suffering from a brain tumor who desperately need medical marijuana to treat the debilitating symptoms.”

The proposal – House Bill 4879 – has been assigned to the House Judiciary Committee.

A separate medical cannabis proposal (House Bill 4803) to establish a research program to study the benefits of cannabis oil was approved today by a House subcommittee.


10 thoughts on “Medical Cannabis Legalization Proposal Filed in South Carolina”

  1. I suffer from chronic and intense pain constantly. I have peripheral neuropathy, residual pain/ migraines from brain surgery, double spinal fusion, cervical fusion, spinal degeneration, PTSD, Behcet’s Syndrome, sciatica, c-dif from all my meds upsetting the balance of my digestive system. I’ve also had heart surgery, gall bladder surgery, hysterectomy, knee surgery, need surgery to remove bone fragments and a cyst from my sinuses. I stay sick from the auto immune disease and have had to retire recently. I’m on many meds including Morphine, Oxycodone, Neurontin, muscle relaxers, lots of Prednisone right now. It’s 3:45 am and I can’t sleep be of the nerve pain running down my lower back and legs.
    I have used Marijuana in the past which helped tremendously! I could actually feel my spasms and tenseness fade away. I had a much better sense of self and was capable of outings and social functions. I was actually enjoying my life. I enjoyed being around other people as my pain was tolerable and my mood enhanced and I was more positive about my life. The ONLY reason I quit was the guilt I felt bc it is illegal. So now it’s back to pain and being a hermit so that the people I love don’t see me in such intolerable pain. I lay here and wondered how long will it take for me to die from my illnesses. I just want to live some semblance of a life and marijuana helped me do that. Do you care enough to let go of out of date information on a natural plant that helped me so much? Or stuck in your beliefs to the point that you would let so many people suffer. Think about what is right!

  2. Please at least pass the bill on the oil. My 7 year old cousin who is profoundly handicapped suffers from debilitating seizures daily. His mother, a pharmacist, is out of options. She has a doctor that will prescribe it “if” it becomes legal. Watching him cry out in pain from the spasms accompanied with the seizures is heartbreaking. He is non communicative so he can’t tell you what scale of pain or where the pain is. It would be a joy to finally be able to see the little boy behind the intelligent eyes free from the pain and seizures. He loves to learn but a seizure can erase that days progress he made.
    The finding of this “miracle” natural remedy has made my majority republican family rethink their opinions of marihuana being illegal. Why let him suffer? He takes worse meds through his feeding tube with side effects that will eventually kill him. He will not have a long life on this earth, we know that. We just want to take advantage of what he does have and ensure that he has the best quality of life that we can give him!

  3. I too suffer from a Chronic illness, not of my own doing. I have chronic Hep C. Have had it for a little over a decade. Medicinal Marijuana is of great use to me, for I am loaded with why I should be on this train. internal health issues, several different kinds of surgery, I have had. I am turning 51 in March and it is a herb for healing. This I say I need it. it really works.
    I stay in Pain.. and most of them funnel threw to my liver and is dangerous to me. We keep an eye on my liver, My Dr. and I, when all i need is the Herb.
    thank you for your prompt attention to this matter,
    Sincerely L. Lanham 😉

  4. the cbd is good for epilepsy but the thc is good for arthritis anxiety depression bi polar glaucoma etc….. those of you thinking about cbd for anything thc does will be upset its not gonna be thc in the medicine they would have to fully let medical marijuana be not just cbd oil I wish they would all out legalize it I am a bipolar manic depressant and have arthritis however I don’t see it happening people in this state are to misinformed

  5. the cbd will NOT help those in pain but the thc will help with the pain the cbd is good for epilepsy glaucoma and brain function the thc is good for joint pain bi polar disorder and a few other things I need it for arthritis and bi polar however the cbd law wont help me any

  6. Thank goodness! I am a current medical marijuana patient in Michigan but with my degrading condition I cant take below zero weather anymore and am moving to SC! Hope this passes so I don’t have to be an outlaw just tryin to survive!

  7. I wish more people would speak out on this subject. I think they are afraid of being recognized. I started having grande mal seizures in 2006. I’ve been on several medications. The medications have severe side effects, psychosis, insomnia, and more. After expirementing with cannibus, I found my seizures stopped. The side effects of my medications had gone. I feel like a different person! A bettet person, much more capable of doing things I couldn’t before. I have not gone this long seizure free in 8 years! It is medicinal and should be treated as so.

  8. it’s about time!!! I have been writing shane martin and putting up articals on Nikki Haleys FB page when i can. The people of SC need this medicine!! I need it!!! The cannabis oil/ rick simpson oil is curing cancer!!! google it!!! I need it for pain and a better quility of life!!

  9. I back this bill 100% My wife suffers from chronic pain about 85% of the time in her hip do to large doses of radiation the meds she is on don’t do much the cannibis oil. Has been proven to help with Cronic pain this should be legilized

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