Medical Cannabis Legalization Added to November Ballot in Guam

guamVoters in Guam will have the opportunity this November to legalize medical cannabis.

On Thursday, July 7th, the Guam Election Commission decided to put the Joaquin “KC” Concepcion II Compassionate Cannabis Use Act on the ballot this November. The proposal would legalize the use and possession of cannabis for medical purposes, and would also allow for medical cannabis dispensaries, which would be regulated by a government entity to be decided at a later date.

Over the past few months, the Guam Election Commission and the nation’s Legislature have been at odds on placing the issue on the ballot, but the Commission decided to make the move after the Supreme Court of Guam this week issued an opinion that the Legislature can use “legislative submission,” which allows voters to approve legislation themselves.

Under current Guam law, the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis is a simple $100 ticket. Distributing cannabis, however, is a felony with a prison sentence of 10 to 20 years.


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