Medical Cannabis Legalization Measure Filed in Kansas Senate

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Medical Cannabis Legalization Measure Filed in Kansas Senate

A bill to legalize medical cannabis has been filed in the Kansas Senate, and has been referred to the Public Health and Welfare Committee.kansasflag

Titled the Cannabis Compassion and Care Act, this new legislation would legalize the possession and use of cannabis by qualified patients who receive a recommendation from a physician, and would authorized state licensed and regulated “compassion centers” to distribute the medicine.

“It’s a holistic approach to relief from a bevy of maladies”, says Senator David Haley, the primary sponsor of the proposal, “It’s well documented that there are no side effects, certainly not many of the side effects of traditional pharmaceutical prescriptions”.

Senator Haley believes that he has the voters on his side, stating; “polls show that the constituency has no real problem with it, that it would be well received”.

The bill can be read by clicking here.

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