Medical Cannabis Legalization Bill Passed by Louisiana House of Representatives

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Medical Cannabis Legalization Bill Passed by Louisiana House of Representatives

LouisianaStateSealRGBLargeSenate Bill 143, which would legalize the medical use of cannabis for those with certain medical conditions, has been passed by the Louisiana House of Representatives with a 70 to 29 vote. The bill has already passed the Senate 22 to 13, but will head back for one final vote as it was amended slightly in the House.

The proposal would allow those with glaucoma, cancer and spastic quadriplegia who receive a recommendation from a physician to possess and use medical cannabis. Unfortunately they wouldn’t be allowed to actual smoke the medicine, but would be allowed to consume it through other methods, including vaporizers and edibles.

The measure would authorize ten distribution sites throughout the state, which will provide patients with a means of safe access to the medicine.

If given final approval by the Senate, the bill will go to Governor Bobby Jindal, who plans to sign it into law.

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  • David M
    June 5, 2015

    And with typically moronic miscalculation and ill conceived timing, our Washington State legislature and Governor just killed off a fully functioning 1998 medical marijuana law out of sheer greed and stupidity. Although U-Dub frat boy’s and sorority girls can now buy all the outdoor grown recreational 502 store schwag they’ll need. That’s cold comfort for those suffering and living in pain.

  • Sean
    June 5, 2015

    David, I would much rather be in Washington State than in Louisiana regarding marijuana laws. Let’s see you live in the most draconian state. You people living in states that have lax laws and ease of access are always the loudest ones to complain. That’s what’s moronic.

  • David
    June 5, 2015

    Really? I’d be rather be in Abbeville at Black’s or Dupuy’s Oyster Bar on Bayou Teche than living around these idiot’s. Btw, it’s not complaining when something extremely unjust has been done to you and those whom you care most about. That’s a reality. Maybe you’ll understand someday that just because it’s fun to use with friends and at parties, were it not for the medical marijuana community, NO legal marijuana would have yet happened anywhere in America.

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