Medical Cannabis Legalization Bill Approved by Missouri House Committee

Medical Cannabis Legalization Bill Approved by Missouri House Committee

The Missouricannamissouri House Committee on Emerging Issues has overwhelmingly approved House Bill 800, a proposal to legalize medical cannabis, including safe access points.

If approved into law, the measure would legalize the possession and use of up to 30 grams of cannabis for those with debilitating conditions such as HIV/AIDS and cancer. The proposal would establish a system of cultivation and production centers to provide cannabis to dispensaries, which would then supply the medicine to qualified patients.

The production and distribution of cannabis oil will be legal soon in Missouri thanks to legislation passed into law last year, though the law only allows those with epilepsy to possess and use the oil, and doesn’t allow for it to be smoked.

House Bill 800, which was filed by Representative Dave Hinson, is now before the House Select Committee on General Laws.



  • Spencer
    March 13, 2015

    Y’all might want to take another look at your map and find “Missouri,” you’re a little east and a lot south with Mississippi there.

  • Randall Burns
    March 13, 2015

    That is MIississippi not Missouri.

    I grew up in Missouri and know folks form high school that are involved with the prison system there. I hope this gets changed.

    My father is now 91. One of his old friends needed cannabis to relieve issues with Chemo-and that sure changed his mind on it.

  • Sean
    March 14, 2015

    It’s not nice to censor posts, JB.

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