Legislation to Legalize Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Passed by Michigan Legislature

Medical Cannabis DispensariesMichigan’s full legislature has given approval to a package of bills that would establish a legal framework for medical cannabis dispensaries, supplied by licensed cultivation centers. The proposals would also legalize medical cannabis edibles, to be sold by dispensaries.

Although medical cannabis has been legal in Michigan for years, the passage of the bills is vital due to a court ruling which found that dispensaries aren’t legal under the current law. The new set of laws would establish a very specific regulatory system for medical cannabis. For example, the bills would create a five-member medical cannabis licensing board, with members appointed by the governor. This board, as well as the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, would provide oversight of medical cannabis facilities

Dispensaries would be taxed at 3% of their gross receipts, something that many medical cannabis advocates have argued against, given that no other medicine in the state is taxed.

The package of bills (House Bills 4209-4210 and Senate Bills 141 and 1014) have been sent to Governor Rick Snyder for consideration; Snyder is expected to sign all of them into law.

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