Medical Cannabis Bill Passed Unanimously By Florida House Appropriations Committee

Florida’s House Appropriations Committee has given unanimous approval to House Bill 843, a proposal to legalize Palm treescannabis extracts for medical purposes.

The measure, which was introduced by Republican Representative Matt Gaetz, now heads to the House Judiciary Committee, where its passage will send it to the full House.

If approved, House Bill 843 would provide a legal defense to those in the state who possess and use cannabis extracts for medical purposes, provided they receive a recommendation from a physician.

“We have evidence of benefits,” says Representative Cary Pigman, an emergency room physician. “We have no evidence of harm.”

The committee also voted in favor of a $1 million study to research the benefits of cannabis in treating seizure disorders.

– TheJointBlog

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  1. I am a disabled person who denies any pain nedication but i did find that cannibus does help me sleep and does ease alot of! my pain and i am able to function in a normal manner so i am for cannibus but for medical reasons and would love to be a guenie pig for proof that it does help


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