Measure Adding PTSD as Qualifying Medical Marijuana Condition Becomes Law in Maine

Legislation adding post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a qualifying medical marijuana condition has officially become law in Maine withoutthcmedia the governor’s signature. Maine will now join Connecticut, New Mexico, Oregon and Delaware as states which have PTSD explicitly listed as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana.

This legislation will help hundreds, if not thousands of individuals suffering from PTSD, allowing them to become an authorized medical cannabis patient based on their condition, something that research shows is the right thing to do; a recent study – conducted by the New York University School of Medicine – found that one of marijuana’s primary compounds may combat the symptoms of PTSD by bringing equilibrium in the prison’s CB1 receptors. Other research has indicated that cannabis can be helpful in treating PTSD, and may even help prevent it, if administered quickly after a traumatic experience.

In addition to PTSD, “inflammatory bowel disease” (Crohn’s disease, for example), and “dyskinetic and spastic movement disorders and other diseases causing severe and persistent muscle spasms”, will also be added to the list of qualifying medical cannabis conditions.

The proposal will take effect in September.


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