Maryland Senate Committee Approves Medical Marijuana Legislation

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Maryland Senate Committee Approves Medical Marijuana Legislation

Today Maryland’s Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee voted to approve House Bill 1101, sending it towards a full Senate vote. Last week the state’s House of Delegates approved the bill 108-28. If the Senate passes the measure, which it’s expected tmarylandmmo do, it will head to the governor for final approval.

If passed, the measure would authorize certain hospitals to become licensed as academic medical centers, which would allow them to legally distribute cannabis to patients. These centers and their patients would then participate in a daily study examining the medicine’s effects.

A cannabis commission of 12 individuals, appointed by the governor, would oversee licensing and regulations.

Maryland’s Senate has also voted recently to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana, and the House voted to add legal protections for medical marijuana caregivers.


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  • s8n
    April 4, 2013

    that law is a bit rediculas due to there is no leagal way to obtain weed but what ever flotes ya boat i suppose

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