Maryland Senate Committee to Hold Public Hearing on Cannabis Legalization and Decriminalization

Maryland’s Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee will be holding a public hearing this Tuesday to discuss Senate Bill 658, a proposal to legalize recreational for adults in the state. A second proposal to decriminalize cannabis possession will also be discussed.

If approved into law, Senate Bill 658 would legalize the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis, as well as the private cultivation of up to 6 plants. The measure would also legalize state-licensed cannabis retail outlets.

“Marijuana arrests and prosecutions are costing us more than $100 million a year, and they are ruining the futures of thousands of our own citizens for doing something that our last four or five presidents readily admitted to doing themselves,” says Senator Jamin Raskins, the primary sponsor of the measure. “Alcohol prohibition didn’t work, and marijuana prohibition is not working, and it’s time to have a serious discussion about it.”

The committee will also be holding a hearing – during the same meeting – for Senate Bill 364, a proposal which would make the possession of up to 10 grams of cannabis a simple fine, rather than an arrestable misdemeanor.

The hearing will take place at 1:00 pm on Tuesday, February 25th.


4 thoughts on “Maryland Senate Committee to Hold Public Hearing on Cannabis Legalization and Decriminalization”

  1. I think that banning all smoking in public ..except for designated areas is the only way to go…designated areas always including No access to anyone under the age of 21…That way you can smoke what you want when u want in PRIVACY….I have never appreciated people lighting up in front of kids, but if u can’t go to the bar or restaurant, oh well
    Besides If you have to pay city taxes state taxes county taxes federal taxes for your business, why can’t you the owner decide if people can smoke or not…..Here you got the attorney general talking ’bout not enforcing laws they don’t believe in….If you believe it’s hurting or helping you business for your patrons to do whatever, it should be the owners decision…Yes banning smoking in Public would be good for the young and the old..not to mention it could give back to business owners, the choice to make on their own, what goes on at their place of business.


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