Maryland Senate Committee Approves Medical Marijuana Expansion Bill, Already Passed House

A Maryland Senate committee has passed a measure to expand the state’s medical marijuana program by increasing the number of licensed growers and processors.

The Senate Finance Committee approved the measure on Friday, sending it towards a full Senate vote. The bill has already been passed by the full House of Representatives, though it was amended in committee meaning the House would need to vote on it again if passed by the Senate, before it can be sent to Governor Larry Hogan for consideration.

The proposed law would increase the number of licensed medical marijuana growers from 15 to 22, a roughly 50% increase. It would also double the number of medical marijuana processors, from 15 to 30 (five more than allowed under the House-approved version of the bill).

According to proponents of the measure, it would help to solve the problem of there currently being no minority-ran medical marijuana businesses in Maryland .

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