Maryland Lawmakers Pass Medical Marijuana Caregiver Defense Bill

Today Maryland’s House of Representatives approved a bill giving caregivers of patients who use m5B3DF573FDC0276ED310919118A6AC64edical marijuana a defense in court if they possess up to an ounce. The measure, which passed the House 92-37, recently passed the Senate, and now heads to the governor’s desk for final approval.

In Maryland, patients have an “affirmative defense” if they possess marijuana for medical reasons, meaning that they can still be arrested and prosecuted, but are allowed to use medical necessity as a defense in court.

This new bill would give the same defense to caregivers who possess marijuana and can prove it was for their patients medical use. Under the measure, a caregiver must be an immediate family member of the patient.

Maryland’s Senate recently approved a measure decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana, and the House recently approved a bill allowing for medical marijuana research.


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