Maryland Lawmaker Introduces Measure to Legalize Marijuana

Maryland lawmakers will soon be discussing legislation introduced today by State Delegate Curt Anderson. The measure would legalize the possession and home-growing of a limited amount of cannabis, and would direct the state to license and regulate jointthe substance for legal retail sales.

The measure would allow for the purchase and possession of up to an ounce of dried cannabis, up to 5 grams of concentrated products like hash and oil, and identical to Washington State’s Initiative 502, 16 ounces of cannabis-infused products like medicated brownies, and 72 ounces of cannabis-infused liquids like lotions or medicated sodas.

In addition, adults in the state would be able to grow up to 3 plants legally. It would also allow for the legal transfer of up to an ounce of cannabis, and 3 small plants.

Other aspects of the initiative include enacting an excess tax of $50 per ounce, and directing the Maryland Department of Agriculture to regulate hemp.

You can read the full text of the measure here.

– TheJointBlog

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