Maryland House Approves Bill to Allow those on Parole and Probation to Possess and Use Cannabis

Maryland’s Housemaryland of Delegates has voted to approve a bill that would allow those on parole and probation to possess and use small amounts of cannabis.

The proposal, sponsored by Delegate David Moon (D-Montgomery), would allow those on parole, and those on probation, to possess and use up to 10 grams of cannabis, which was decriminalized by state lawmakers in 2014.

Although the proposal specifically mentioned the possession and use of cannabis when it was introduced, it was amended clarify that a person cannot be sanctioned for a parole or probation violation if they have committed any “nonjailable civil offense.”

The bill is “an attempt to keep nonviolent offenders out of the system”, says Delegate Moon. “The spirit is to include all offenses that have been moved from criminal to civil.”

Last week Maryland’s House and Senate approved a bill decriminalizing cannabis paraphernalia (which under current law is a criminal offense despite the possession of up to 10 grams of cannabis being a simple ticket), sending it to Governor Larry Hogan for consideration.


25 thoughts on “Maryland House Approves Bill to Allow those on Parole and Probation to Possess and Use Cannabis”

  1. I’m trying to figure out if I can safely have my medicinal card while on parole now that it is available in the state and I have the proper medical reasons I don’t like prescribe meds from big pharmacys

  2. I got a year probation for dui I have a alcohol test I wonder if I get in trouble if I come positive for weed even though they are test me for alcohol.

  3. It depends on what charge your on probation for to determine if it a violation or not. What exactly a civil offense is that like parking tickets or driving charges.

  4. My question is what if you have a medical card stating its use is for medical purposes and you’re on probation is that still violation?

  5. Be careful even though it was decriminalized it is not legal and you can still get in trouble for it. This only means they can ignore it if they want to you can still be arrested charged fined and violated for it if they want to and we all know how these POs are. Just a word of warning.

    • I had 49 dirty urines for my parole retake… I only got 45 days… cuz my parole agent left me go for so long without any type of consequences lol…

  6. Needs to be all the way legal too! Maryland especially Baltimore is a heroin based city and needs to stop. So many lives lost 🙁

  7. Yes…finally an upgrade in life I mean most of the ppl I know are nonviolent and never wanna hurt anyone or themselves. So passing this is a sure deal that’ll help those who are just trying to make themselves feel good and relax. So much tension when dealing with the law over something that was practically misdemeanors can finally enjoy the cannibal without any drama! Keep up the great work 🙂

  8. I feel like the men and women that are in jail for possession under ten grams before this law was passed should be released. It is non sense to keep them in jail for a little biggie of weed that is now decriminalized. And marijuana soon should just be legalized with that the people in jail for marijuana possession should be released also.. I’m shocked that Maryland hasn’t jumped at the chance to take more of peoples money.

  9. What about those on parole and probation that have a special clause stating they cannot use drugs or alcohol ? Alcohol is legal but some people can’t use it because they don’t act right! So what then?

  10. best idea ever non violent crimes should never risk hail time or 1000’s of dollars in lawyer and court cost for sitting somewhere smoking a plan. Legalize it

  11. It should be legal. Society is worried about pot smokers n wasting jail space when we have child molesters, rapists, murderers, serial killers ect. If the worst someone is doing is catching a buzz more power to them rather that than them robbing my home or raping my children

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