Marijuana Tourism Company Launches in Colorado

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Marijuana Tourism Company Launches in Colorado

It didn’t take long for Colorado’s first marijuana tourism company to form, and dozens are preparing for the firstWCW_website_logo-e1362389474876 tours to begin around 4/20.

The tours will take place during what is being referred to as World Cannabis Week, and will consist of numerous marijuana-friendly concerts, events, etc.. According to the group’s introduction:

Welcome to the nation’s First Legal Marijuana Tour!

You are about to make history! World Cannabis Week gives you the opportunity to fly to Colorado over the April 20th cannabis holiday week and experience legal marijuana on a guided tour of events, sold out concerts, seminars, cannabis friendly hotels, guided bus tours, cooking classes and so much more.

Every activity held during “World Cannabis Week” is 100% legal under Colorado law.

“If somebody flies out here, we take care of the whole adventure for them.” James Walker, one of the company’s two owners, told the Denver Post today.

Each of the three packages offered for this particular tour include individuals being picked up at the airport, connecting them with marijuana-friendly motels that are fine with customers consuming on their premises, as well as connecting people with concerts, cannabis samples, etc..

Delta Extrax

If someone purchases the standard 5-day package, here’s what they’ll get (you can find out about the other two packages by clicking here):

  • Five days of Cannabis tasting, sampling and sharing:  Over your 4-5 day tour you will have the opportunity to experience several strains of sativas, hybrids, and indicas. All cannabis products at WCW are acquired through trade with local vendors and gifted in legal quantities in accordance with Colorado law.  This is also your chance to sample Cannabis hashes, smokeable oils, and cannabis edibles all within the safety and privacy of your hotel, transportation, events and classes.  We promise, there will be enough product sampling for the entire trip.

  • Five days packed with activities including 3 workshops, daily Club 64 happy hours,  Grow/Dispensary tours, Thursday and Friday night 420 parties, 420 Rally, 4/20 concert,  4/21 High Times Cannabis Cup and more. Your ticket is all-inclusive unless otherwise stated.

  • Transportation: WCW includes a majority of transportation during your tour including transportation from the airpot and all major event.

  • VIP Package also includes ticket to Red Rocks Concert.

Those looking for more information can click here to visit their website.You can also give them a call at (855)-MY-420-TOUR.

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