Marijuana Tincture: What it is, and How to Make it

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Marijuana Tincture: What it is, and How to Make it

Marijuana tincture has rapidly gained popularity in recent years among medical cannabis patients. But what is it, and how do you make it?

Marijuana tincture

Marijuana tincture is a liquid form of cannabis that’s typically ingested by placing a few drops under the tongue; it can also be added to foods or drinks. Typically marijuana tinctures are made using alcohol; however, they can also be made using vegetable glycerin. Below we provide a recipe for marijuana tincture using alcohol, as well as one using glycerin.


Marijuana tincture recipe (using vegetable glycerin):

  1. In a Quart Mason Jar combine:
  • 1/4 oz.-1/2 oz. (7-14 grams depending on quality) of Decarboxylated Cannabis (trim, shake or broken up buds) 2 Cups Organic Vegetable Glycerine
  1. Cover with a lid and shake the mixture until material is completely covered with vegetable glycerine.
  2. Line the bottom of a crockpot with a washcloth or folded hand towel and fill halfway with warm water.
  3. Place the sealed jar into the crockpot, cover the crockpot with a lid if it fits, and set it on warm for an entire day (24 hours). Shake occasionally for best results.
  4. Using an oven mitt, remove the jar from the crockpot. Open the jar and allow to cool for at least an hour.
    1. Using cheesecloth or a bubble bag, strain the vegetable glycerine into a small bowl or into another jar. Save the cheesecloth bag of leftover material and make a batch of High Chai.
  5. Transfer vegetable glycerine tincture into dropper bottles using a small funnel (optional).



Delta Extrax

Marijuana tincture recipe (using alcohol):

What You Need:

  • Glass jar with glass lid; mason jars work best (Note:  Size doesn’t matter. Just make sure to use a jar that is large enough to remain at least ¼ empty at the top after the ground cannabis is added.)
  • Cannabis, coarsely ground
  • Everclear (or highest-proof alcohol you can find; Bacardi 151 works well) – 3 – 6 grams of cannabis per 1 fluid ounce of alcohol is a recommended proportion. Make sure the amount of alcohol can fully cover the ground cannabis in the jar.
  • Strainer
  • Cheesecloth


  1. Add the coarsely ground cannabis to your jar. Pour alcohol on top of the cannabis, covering it by at least 2 inches.
  2. Seal the lid tight on the jar and shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Place jar in freezer.
  3. Remove jar from freezer at least twice a day to shake.
  4. Repeat process for at least 5 days. The potency of the tincture depends on how long your cannabis infuses and how much you shake it.
  5. Lay 2 sheets of cheesecloth inside your strainer and place the strainer over a bowl.
  6. Pour contents from jar carefully over the cheesecloth and through the strainer to extract any plant waste. Repeat filtration process if necessary to remove as much excess plant material as possible.
  7. Wait for all the liquid to pass through then bundle up the waste in the cheesecloth and squeeze out any remaining tincture.
  8. Pour into glass container or fill dropper bottles. Store tincture in a cool and dark place (refrigerator or freezer is fine).



Dosage information:

Marijuana tinctures are probably the easiest form of cannabis to administer consistently; once you find the proper dose for you, it’s easy to replicate it. It’s also easy to lower or raise as you see fit.

We recommend starting with a small dose, such as 1-2mL once or twice a day. If you don’t receive the desired effects, increase the dose by 1-2mL each time until you do.



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    July 8, 2018

    Can u vape this

  • Neal
    October 11, 2018

    Not a good idea as the alcohol is extremely flammable

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