Daily Marijuana Sales Reach $4.6 Million in Washington State, New High

There is now over $4.6 million in legal marijuana sold each day in Washington State.

The daily average of $4,611,558 worth of marijuana sold results in over $800,000 in daily tax revenue for the state. This comes out to a monthly average of $138 million in marijuana sold, and over $25 million in taxes garnered.

In 2016 there was a over $1.4 billion in legal cannabis sold in Washington State, which resulted in over $250 million. This total was slightly higher than the $1.3 billion worth of legal cannabis sold in Colorado in 2016, which garnered the state almost $200 million in taxes.

According to Washington’s Liquor and Cannabis Board, there have been 486 retail licenses and 968 producer/processor licenses distributed throughout the state.

Further data on Washington’s legal cannabis market can be found on the Liquor and Cannabis Board’s website.

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